travel to 4 seasons place

By yow yuen
Today was quite happy because ah gan treat me drink

you all must wondering why leh? is the reason

ah gan forgot to turn off the lamp and result his car cant be start.So he call me and ask for my help.

after that he want to treat me and I suggest we go to 4Season Restaurant..If I not mistaken the name.

here some food from there.What I can say the environment is superb.Really nice and looks really comfortable.The restaurant contains of 4 season elemnet tat is summer,winter,autumn and spring..haha..I not very sure bout this

so we sat on summer part coz we got smoking fren.

here some picture taken from there

the fan looks nice .leaves as fan and nice lamp also

this one is season fried rice rm12.Ah gan eat one

this one is smoked duck with yam..haha..not really nice In my opinion

this is my drink ..sumthing sour+sweet with dunno wat syrup

this is simon drink
vanilla+kiwi+red bean

ah gan said "very expensive ar" coz he treat us

kekeke..and THANKS TO MR GAN

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  1. Slackyguy March 27, 2009 at 1:09 PM nice o..
    i wan go le..=.="

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