Red Box the Garden and Capital Square

By yow yuen
weekend nite is back again and sorry for kept all my blog readers waiting..

This few weeks not really in mood to produce nice blog..ya.I am having some relationship problem that none of you all will know about it and of course it is over now and lets move on with our life.We lose something but we might gain something valuable in our life.

yesterday Friday Nite,the place I went to is Capital Square

some interesting thing I found there..their automatic door

what suprise me the door can function by open up the door when it senses some object within a distance.Same concept like we see in most of shopping mall but Capital Square concept is open up while the most shopping mall door are sliding automatically.So it is quite a nice and creative technology I discovered yesterday.

only one picture about capital square that I took yesterday.We went around 12am to there so it is close d and not really in mood to take photo that time.

the place was very close to KL tower where you can see a stick in sky when u look at the sky.

after that we went to The Garden Red Box to spend our Friday nite time.

cost around rm50 per person at there but sure we got some kang tao to make it cheaper ..hehe..rate the system and the design there..second to Pavilion red box plus..maybe it is quite new

I went back to Metroview and spend my nite there

woke up today morning and cook my fav mee as my breakfast..hungriezzz

thats all for this weekend friday nite and saturday morning :)

special credits to ah jin(simon housemate) for all this place.Not forget special thanks to Wendy for asking me to update my blog :D

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  1. samson November 30, 2008 at 1:02 AM
    oO go redbox din ajak la.. lol
    shud hv go for futsal =X

  2. LOVE wendy November 30, 2008 at 8:14 PM
    finally u update ur blog...
    and mention my name...

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