thursday story

By yow yuen

there is long time I didnt come with a good article in my blog..and I guess none of them is really benefit my blog reader..

after read the blog by zhentasy(although i know u copy and paste)about the animals and ah gan(with ur broken english but still a good read)expense in daily ..I come with an article>>>technology nowadays and how rich there are..

ya..tat is the thing tat impress me when I read newspaper today..

several picture to be put here too

early picture of Burj..this is a dream for any architure

comparison between world highest building..

another mega project by Dubai..


no way..I mean if their country got oil is their rezeki..our country also got oil..ppl in dubai is dubai is an example of a great human civilization
very intelligent ppl, rich, advanced, beautiful

Haha, in dubai most high rank people are arabs and they just sit in office relax, night time drive their ferrari and porsche out to hang with their car buddies.


those working for them are bangladeshi..etc etc
smart indeed.
Why can't we do that in Malaysia? lolz

some i take from all is bodohwi fault...why we never get a mega project since he take over?? dun say projek angkasawan..tat is a JOKE for me

sekian terima kasih..and i really appreciate if u can drop a comment here ..thx xD

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  1. zhentasy June 26, 2008 at 11:04 PM
    i tell u the truth lo,i m not copy and paste lo!i write it in my opinion!!!

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