penang trip

By yow yuen
it is been a long long time I didnt start posting here..

so cut all the craps and start the new renovating blog with my journey to Penang..woohoo..

the journey start a day after Man.Utd won the league..congratz to them and poor chelsea cause I watching ur team play at genting corner..

I bit suprise when I hear that steven was not able rush back to kl on he manage to do it and while with ivan here , he forgot the actually date to go for penang also..lucky everyone can wake up on the nxt day..

so I am going by airasia plan , journey take bla bla bla then at there i start to bla bla bla..ok..go to main point..we buy ticket coupon there at penang airport to go penang road..the distance wont so far..just like from my place go klcc..but the taxi cost us around the driver take us to cathay hotel,cheap hostel , we dunwan so we bla bla bla we live at continental picture of it ..taa daa

after that we walk to padang there quite nice leh..can see the wave hit the batu..nice scene from there talk cock also no use..let u all see the picture ..taa daa

see the ombak so kuat ..... and tat is santa clause near the beach..we saw star cruise from there..taa daa

so will be continue on next post..aiya..very hard to drag down the picture lar..start new one..all picture ..

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  1. zhentasy June 24, 2008 at 10:50 AM
    the steven look like wearing a bra....

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